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Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes (ballet 2010)

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Sherlock Holmes
(Sean Gallerani)

Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes is an American ballet directed by Gay Nardone, performed by the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Dance Company in the Johnson Theatre (Durham, NH, USA) from 30 march to 3 april 2010, starring Sean Gallerani as Sherlock Holmes and Randy Blake as Dr. Watson.

The show was a jazz, tap and aerial dance production paying homage to Sherlock Holmes through the music of Duke Ellington, who read the Sherlock Holmes stories when he was a child. It was adapated from the original ballet performed in 2000 without the aerial parts and different cast.



  • Sherlock Holmes : Sean Gallerani
  • Dr. Watson : Randy Blake
  • Irene Adler : Kerri Runge
  • Mary Morstan : Megan Nallan
  • Inspector Lestrade : Kristopher Coughlin
  • Martha Hudson, Lestrade's Love Interest : Nicole Conley
  • Charles Altamont Doyle : Sarah Marschner
  • Moriarty, Criminal Mastermind : Ryan Hollett
  • Moriarty's Chief Ladies : Ashley Mutch, Katie O'Connor, Audra Salamanca
  • Ladies of the Evening : Jennifer Azarian, Jennifer Falvey, Katie Madden, Lauren Paley, Lindsay Pelletier, Jessica Rousseau, Chelsea Stickney, Shannon Sullivan, Amanda Walchak, Maureen Walcek
  • Baker Street Irregulars : Amanda Chipman, Jennifer Falvey, Brittany Kinlin, Meaghan O'Hearn, Jessica Rousseau
  • London Police Officers : Jennifer Azarian, Katie Madden, Ashley Mutch, Laura Nazarian, Katie O'Connor, Meaghan O'Hearn, Chelsea Stickney, Amanda Walchak, Maureen Walcek
  • Junk Band Musicians : Kyle Milner, Brett Gallo
  • Flyers, Aerial Dancers : Ryan Hollett, Megan Nallan, Katie O’Connor, Nicole Conley, Kerri Runge
  • Aerial Spotters : Amanda Chipman, Jennifer Falvey, Brittany Kinlin, Ashley Mutch, Samuel D. Perez, Audra Salamanca, Amanda Walchak, Maureen Walcek, Jamie Wilkinson, Chet Tasse, Ryan Salvato
  • Percussion : Kyle Milner, Brett Gallo


  • Director : Gay Nardone
  • Choreographer : Gay Nardone, Mary Beth Marino
  • Music : Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
  • Scenic Design : David Ramsey
  • Lighting Design : Daniel J. Raymond
  • Costume Designer : Heather Crocker-Aulenbeck


  • A Rainy London Day : Company
  • Who Has The Jewels? (Choreographed by Mary Beth Marino) : Moriarty, Moriarty’s Chief Ladies, Ladies of the Evening
  • Recruitment : Holmes, Watson, Drunken Man, Baker Street Irregulars
  • Triple Threat : Irene Adler, Mary Morstan, Martha Hudson, Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, Aerial Spotters
  • Law and order : Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, London Police Officers, Baker Street Irregulars, Junk Band Musicians
  • On The Rocks : Irene Adler, Mary Morstan, Martha Hudson
  • Confrontation : Company
  • Tango : Holmes and Irene Adler, Watson and Mary Morstan, Lestrade and Martha Hudson, Moriarty, Moriarty’s Chief Ladies, Aerial Spotters
  • Holmes Takes Charge : Sherlock Holmes
  • It Don’t Mean a Thing : Company