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Green Jackets v. Hampshire Rovers

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Green Jackets v. Hampshire Rovers is a cricket result published in the Hampshire Chronicle on 23 august 1890.

The result was a draw.

Green Jackets v. Hampshire Rovers

This two days' fixture was commenced at St. Cross on Monday, and was limited to the first day's play (hence a drawn game) on account of the continual downpour of rain on Tuesday. The Rovers first went to the wickets, and two of their representatives were got rid of without a run being registered, but subsequently the fine batting of Capt. Barton (who played a brilliant innings of 101), G. F. Gerds, Major Bethune, and W. Hynes, with a good share of "extras," aided by the dropping of catches and loose fielding, enabled them to run up a score of 261 ere the innings terminated, and when the stumps were drawn the state of the game was as follows:—


  • A. H. Wood, b Shakerley ... 0
  • Dr. Conan Doyle, c Eccles, b Shakerley ... 3
  • E. Hall, c Myers, b Shakerley ... 0
  • Capt. Barton, c Wallace, b Eccles ... 101
  • G. F. Gerds, b Shakerley ... 28
  • Major Bethune, c Eccles, b Boultbee ... 52
  • A. A. Pillans, b Russell ... 2
  • W. Hynes, b Russell ... 43
  • A. S. Hurst, b Russell ... 0
  • F. G. Lamotte, not out ... 4
  • Capt Lipscomb, c Wallace, b Eccles ... 3
  • Byes, &c ... 27
  • Total ... 261


  • Col. Wallace, c Bethune, b Barton ... 4
  • Capt. Boultbee, c Hall, b Pillans ... 5
  • Capt. Russell, c Lamotte, b Barton ... 8
  • W. V. Eccles, not out ... 11
  • Pte. J. Murphy, not out ... 9
  • Bye ... 1
  • Total ... 38

G. H. Shakerley, H. S. Rawlinson, Capt. Maude, Capt. Leslie, Capt. Myers, adn F. A. Irby to bat