Greeting card to Major Pond (january 1896)

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Envelop with Nile Steamboat emblem at top left corner.
Poem signed by A. & L. Conan Doyle

This greeting card was sent by Arthur Conan Doyle circa january 1896 [1] during his Nile cruise with his wife Louisa Conan Doyle to his agent in USA, Major James B. Pond (Everett House, New York, U.S.A.).

The greeting card is a 13-line poem with 8 syllables per verse.

Unfortunately, a mouse nibbled the card and 4 words are missing.


When on us your card you ... ...
You pass the house of Mr. ...
Then on the left you bring to ...
The Bungalow of friend Chefru,
Next door to whom Miss Sphinx has got
An eligible building lot.
These are our pals, and if you call
We'll introduce you with them all,
And let you use our golf link too
Straight from our dorr to Timbuctoo,
And so adieu !

May Fortune's tricks

Leave you unharmed in '96.

A. & L. Conan Doyle

New Year, 1896.

  1. The year 1896 is printed on the back of the envelop (not shown here).