Hampshire Rovers v. Royal Navy

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Hampshire Rovers v. Royal Navy is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 14 june 1897.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Hampshire Rovers) lost.

Hampshire Rovers v. Royal Navy

The Sporting Life (14 june 1897, p. 2)

This match was an interesting event on Saturday at the United Service (Officers') Ground, Portsmouth, the Navy winning by four wickets with only two minutes of time to spare. Allenby's "century" included thirteen 4's and five 3's. Score as follows:—

HAMPSHIRE ROVERS.Dr. Conan Doyle 19, Captain Carpenter 47, J. D. Walker 9, J. Dean 1, C. B. Atcheson 6, Captain Barton 34, E. R. English not out 43, F. Johnson 0, Captain Campbell 16, Captain Prendergast 0, Major Tatham 10; byes, &c., 18. — Total, 203.

ROYAL NAVY. — Lieutenant Allenby 107, Lieutenant Olivier 20, J. Hutchings 4, Captain Warrender 2, Dr. Mornement 38, Lieutenant Waters not out 21, Lieutenant Hon. R. F. Boyle 0, Lieutenant Drury-Lowe not out 8; byes, &c., 6. — Total (for six wickets), 206.

Pratt-Barlow, A. S. M'Ghee, and Richardson did not bat.