Herons Ghyll Cricket Week

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Herons Ghyll Cricket Week is a cricket result published in The Kent & Sussex Courier on 14 august 1908.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (ACD & Crowborough) won.

Herons Ghyll Cricket Week

The Kent & Sussex Courier (14 august 1908, p. 10)

The glorious summer weather of the past week has added greatly to the enjoyment of Cricket Week, organised by Mr J. F. Hope, M.P., of Herons Ghyll House, and conducted in the beautiful grounds of the estate. Captained by Mr J. F. Hope, the Herons Ghyll team was composed of the Rev. E. Pierara, Captain L. D. Fox, Mr T. F. Brockholes, Mr R. Scott Murray, Mr E. Banbury, Mr H. Nevil, Mr O. Riddell, Mr O. Finney, Mr F. Silvertop, Mr J. F. Brockholes. On Friday a match was arranged with a team chosen by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Crowborough and District. Sir Arthur's score being 42, caught out, and J. C. Snaith scoring 52, and the Rev. A. L. Potter 40, the total resulting in a victory for Sir Arthur's team by 202 to 116.