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Holmes & Watson (play 2019)

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Holmes & Watson (2019)

Holmes & Watson is an American play, written by Jeffrey Hatcher and directed by Dan Heinz, performed at the Theatre Lawrence (Lawrence, KS, USA) from 18 to 27 january 2019 (7 performances), starring 3 patient of an asylum pretending to be Sherlock Holmes, and Ryan Hamlin as Dr. Watson.

Three years after Sherlock Holmes reportedly plunged to his death, three patients turn up in a remote asylum, each claiming to be the fabled detective. As Dr. Watson investigates, he is drawn into a web of intrigue, murder and surprise that could reveal what really happened in the fateful confrontation between Holmes and his nemesis, Professor Moriarty.


© Photos : Ashley Hocking.


  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Patient #1 : Christian Johanning
  • Patient #2 : ?
  • Patient #3 : ?
  • Dr. Watson : Ryan Hamlin
  • Dr. Evans : Mark Orr
  • Professor Moriarty : Tony Console
  • Other actors : Robert Klosterman, Taylor Smith, Christoph Cording, Brian Williams, Nicole Olson, Michael Ostermann, April Spencer.


  • Director : Dan Heinz
  • Playwright : Jeffrey Hatcher
  • Set Design : James Diemer
  • Lighting Design : John Mitchell
  • Sound Design : Bob Newton
  • Costume Design : Jane Pennington
  • Stage Management : Nora Elbayoumy