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Holmes Sherlock & Mycroft (PC)

Holmes Sherlock & Mycroft is a free card video game (PC) developed by Kaneda Games and published by Devir, released on 27 april 2023 on Steam, and on Android.

No story, just a card game based on the characters of the Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Buy on Steam. Two more cards (Sebastian Moran and James Moriarty) were published as a paying DLC.

Editor's description

A card game where you play as Sherlock Holmes and/or Mycroft Holmes, where you need to gather clues asking the witnesses that will appear on the board each turn, the more clues you have, the more points you'll get at the end of the game. You can also unlock the advanced game mode DLC that gives you different types of witnesses and will make each match different and interesting.




  • Author : Diego Ibáñez
  • Editor : Xavi garriga

Kaneda games

  • CEO : Jordi Arnal
  • Art Director : Albert Ramón
  • Art : Vicente Giménez, Oriol Pelino
  • Lead Programming : Jordi Arnal
  • Programming : Joel Gallarte, Marçal Tineo
  • Network Programming : Joel Gallarte, Adrià Sánchez
  • Animation : Albert Ramón, Vicente Giménez, Oriol Pelino
  • Music & Sound : Héctor de Sande, Albert Ramón
  • Testing : Jordi Arnal, Jordi Blanco, Joel Gallarte, Óscar Paz, Albert Ramón, Adrià Sánchez, Pau Sánchez, Marçal Tineo, Álex Terradas