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I am Innocent

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I am Innocent! is an ad published in The Penny Illustrated Paper on 2 february 1907.

Advertisement for the George Edalji's autobiography serialized in Pearson's Weekly as My Own Story. The Narrative of Eighteen Years Persecution from 7 february to 6 june 1907.

I am Innocent!

The Penny Illustrated Paper
(2 february 1907, p. 78)

"I am Innocent!"


The Narrative of Eighteen Years' Persecution.





Early in 1903 was perpetrated a long series of cattle-maiming outrages of the most revolting and hideous nature in the neighbourhood of Great Wyrley, Staffordshire. This crime soon followed by others of a similar kind, and it was only too apparent from the nature of the wounds inflicted that all were the work of the same person. The police attempted to fathom the mystery, but failed.

On August 17, 1903, came the outrage on a pony belonging to the Great Wyrley Colliery Company, and, for this deed the police arrested George Edalji, the son of the Vicar of Great Wyrley. He was tried on evidence of the most unsatisfactory character, and finally sentenced to seven years penal servitude. In spite of his arrest and imprisonment, however, the outrages continued for a time.

Many of George Edalji's friends used every effort to arrive at the truth, and chief amongst these was Mr. R. D. Yelverton (late Chief Justice of the Bahamas). The result is that after serving three years of his sentence he has now been released on ticket of leave. Sir A. Conan Doyle, who is firmly convinced of Edalji's innocence, is using his powerful pen on the young man's behalf.

Now, for the first time, Mr. George Edalji has put his pen to paper with the object of telling the whole history of his persecution from the year 1888. This remarkable human document appears in PEARSON'S WEEKLY only. The first instalment is published in the number out TO-DAY. SECURE A COPY AT ONCE.

NOTE. — Most people pronounce Mr. Edalji's name wrongly. It should be pronounced Ee-dl-gee, the accent on the first E.