If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman (play 2018)

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If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman (2018)

If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman is an American play, written by Tim Kelly and directed by Emily Swart, performed by students of the New Direction High School it its Phoenix Theatre (Keller, TX, USA) on 8 november 2018, starring Morgan Foster as Shirley Holmes and Lesley Ramirez as Dotty Watson.

Shirley Holmes, a young college student with a vivid imagination, lives her life in imitation of the master detective. Her conversation is a continual quoting from the Sacred Writings. Her big moment comes when the housemother in her dorm is found dead under odd circumstances. Shirley promptly locks all the suspects in a communal study and attempts to solve the "murder" as Holmes might have done. A peculiar twist solves the crime in spite of Shirley's deduction, but her faith in Holmes remains unshaken.


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