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Lady Doyle & A Message

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Lady Doyle & A Message" is an article published in the Daily Mail on 21 july 1930, including an interview with the wife of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Lady Doyle & A Message

Daily Mail (21 july 1930, p. 9)



LADY (CONAN) DOYLE has during the week-end received news that Mrs. Mary Heron, a medium, of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, has had a message from the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Lady Doyle said to a Daily Mail reporter yesterday:

"My husband said in the 'message' that he saw me at 11 o'clock last Thursday morning in a small room. He wanted me to take great care of certain papers, and it was in connection with these papers that I was in the small room on Thursday. I was on my knees at a small drawer when he said he saw me."

"This is a wonderful piece of evidence that he was in the room with me.

"My husband's reason for using Mrs. Heron — a medium with whom he sat only once — was obviously to show that she could know nothing of what I was doing at that hour thousands of miles away.

"Evidences Every Day."

"I regard this piece of evidence as test proof, and it ought to convince people.

"I have received 'messages' from other mediums purporting to come from Sir Arthur, but I do not accept them all. I am very critical, but this piece of evidence from Canada is test proof.

"Almost every day I and members of my family have evidences of Sir Arthur's psychic presence which would stagger the world if they knew about them, but these happenings are sacred, and I do not want to divulge them."