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Letter to G. B. Burgin (ca. 1900)

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This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle circa 1900 from Undershaw, Hindhead, Haslemere, to George Brown Burgin (1856-1944) a novelist, critic and journalist.

Conan Doyle discusses his interest in the 'Corps of Riflemen' asking Burgin to write about it. The blue annotations are from Burgin.


Dear Burgin,

I shall be here for Xmas. I am rather tied by the interest which I take in the Corps of Riflemen — a real commando of burghers — which I am forming here. I already have 60 and hope to get 100. I hope it will be part of a great movement. You could not do better than come down some shooting day, say next Saturday, spend a day here, and write the movement up in the Express. If its is known about, it will find imitators which is what I want.

If you could make a paragraph to the effect that my relationship to Hornung had always prevented me from expressing in public the very high opinion which I have of the quality of his works, but that I had said in conversation (as I did to you) that I regareded "Peccavi" as a very fine and a very noble book, you would be doing us both a service.

I'll let you know any literary news which occur to me. With your inside knowledge your literary column should be the best in London.

Yours very truly

A. C. D.