Letter to General Enesy about the success of spiritualism

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This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 8 march 1926 to General Enesy about the success of the movement of spiritualism.


Dear General Enesy

I was much complimented by the kind letter from yourself and colleagues — also by the honorable invitation.

I have many fixed engagements during the next few months but I will bear the matter in mind, and without making any definite promise — for I do not know what demands the future may make upon me. I am at least favourably disposed to come. I knew Vienna in happier days and always loved her — as did my wife.

I rejoice to hear of the progress which our movement — the greatest in the history of the human race — makes upon you. Here also we pass from success to success. Personally I welcome a contretemps sometimes as it shakes and the weak ones and ensures that those who remain are so well-informed that no single case can ever alter a view which is founded upon a great mass of evidence.

More and more I see that the phenomena are nothing — mere signals in order to call our attention to the messages, the first clear detailed account of what awaits us beyond the grave which has ever been made to the human race. When the certainty of this is realised it will give a common bond to all mankind, draw the various religions and nations closer together, and make the improvement of character and unselfishness the obvious aims of our existence. It will be the end of the dark ages.

With all cordial salutations to you and all Spiritualist friends in Austria and Hungary.

Yours sincerely

Arthur Conan Doyle

March 8 / 26.