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Letter to Mr. Reid (23 december 1893)

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This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 23 december 1893 from Kurhaus Hotel, Davos Platz (Switzerland) to Mr. Reid.


Kurhaus Hotel
Davos Platz
Dec 23 /93

My dear Reid,

All the Compliments of the season to you! I should have written sooner, but I have been going too and fro in the world like the father of all fiction. There I am lodged at least 5000 feet nearer heaven than any man in Glasgow. Many thanks for the second copy of the little book, which I will plant in any sitch where I think it will sprout, and then clamour for a third. I hope the Magnum Opus progresses. I am up to my collar bones in a new book, and I can't make out whether it is the best or the worst thing I ever wrote. It might be the former without attaining any very alarming altitude, but if it is the latter then I weep for it. It is modern, realistic (or meant to be so) and life as I see it, but I may see it all wrong. Any way it will be distinct from any other book I know, which is just what makes me find it so difficult to assess.

My wife improves space, and we both think this the finest place on earth. I am learning Norwegian 'Ski' and come shooting down the hills, but not as a rule upon the 'ski'. However I get to the bottom all the same.

Give my regards to Hunter if you see him.

Yours very sincerely

A Conan Doyle.

I didn't send you the Refugees because I fancied it — I don't — but because you had not seen it. The Atlantic rolls between the two halves of my unfortunate yarn.

  • Acknowledgements: Michael A. Meer Collection.