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Letter to Mr Martin Harvey (28 july 1905)

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This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle to Mr Martin Harvey on 28 july 1905.

Martin Harvey wrote a draft of his answer on the verso.

Arthur Conan Doyle Letter

Dear Mr. Martin Harvey

If I could get it produced fairly soon - say at the opening of next winter season, I would care less about terms. My idea would be no authors fees until the cost of production had been covered, and then ten per cent on gross receipts.

I fear I am ungallant on the question of female interest but it usually seems to me that the 'grip' of a play weakens in exact proportion to the amount of love therein. When I was a young writer people said every novel must have it but I wrote "Micah Clarke" which had no woman in it, and it was very successful.

I agree about the touch of farce. ... about Gerard in all the stories, and that is its only justification in the play. But if you feel strongly at any point I would gladly modify it.

Yours very truly

Arthur Conan Doyle

Martin Harvey draft answer