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22 May 1859, Edinburgh M.D., Kt, KStJ, D.L., LL.D., Sportsman, Writer, Poet, Politician, Justicer, Spiritualist Crowborough, 7 July 1930

Lifebelts for the Navy

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Lifebelts for the Navy is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the Evening Standard on 7 october 1914.

Lifebelts for the Navy

Sir, — Your naval correspondent, Commander Jane, took me to task in your columns recently for so unreasonable a demand as that our sailors should be provided with some means of escape from certain death when their ships founder.

I had suggested an inflatable rubber belt. He will be interested to hear that an inflatable rubber collar has actually been adopted, and is, as I understand, now being served out to every sailor.

Windlesham, Crowborough.