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Lost Loaf

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Следствие ведут черепашки (2004)
Turtle Frodo as Sherlock Holmes

Lost Loaf (пропавшая булка) is the first episode of the Russian TV series for young children: Investigations carried out by a turtle (Следствие ведут черепашки) aired in 2004 starring a turtle named Frodo playing the role of Sherlock Holmes.

The story is about a mysterious robbery in the village of Ekaterinovka. The famous detective starts to investigate on the case...


  • Sherlock Holmes : Turtle Frodo (черепашка Фродо)
  • Dr. Watson : Turtle Dukya (черепашка Дуся)
  • Visitor : Wagtail (трясогузка)
  • Inspector Lestrade : Stroeva Dasha (Строева Даша)
  • Robber : Innocent cat (кот Иннокентий)