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Louis Becke's Widow

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Louis Becke's Widow is an article published in the Evening News (Rockhampton) on 2 october 1933.

The article is about Sabrina Becke, the wife of the author Louis Becke.

Louis Becke's Widow

Evening News (Rockhampton)
(2 october 1933, p. 13)

Visit To Australia.

To-day in Australia the romances of Louis Becke are not so well known, but in England his reputation as a writer of vivid stories of South Sea adventures was so well founded that, after his death Messrs. Werner Laurie, his publishers, were able to republish seven volumes of his stories anew and make a gift of the profits to his widow.

Mrs. Louis Becke, accompanied by her daughter, Miss Niya Becke, reached Melbourne on the Moreton Bay last week. Mrs. and Miss Becke will go on to Sydney, where a married daughter, Mrs. Samuels, lives. Mrs. Becke and her daughter have found congenial occupations in London.

During Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's life time, Mrs. Becke was his librarian at his psychic bookshop at Victoria-street, Westminster, and until lately, Miss Becke was private secretary to Mrs. Alec. Tweedie, the well-known woman writer, who in her old age keeps perhaps the only salon London knows at her home. Royalty is often entertained, a recent guest being King Feisul, of Iraq.

Mrs. Becke said that she would like to revisit the scenes of her husband's books, but she feared to find Samoa, Fiji, and the other islands far too civilised for one who could remember their buccaneering days.