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M.C.C. and Ground v. Derbyshire

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M.C.C. and Ground v. Derbyshire is a cricket score result published in The Standard (London) on 25 may 1901.

First-class match. Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won by 9 wickets.

M.C.C. and Ground v. Derbyshire

The Standard (London) (25 may 1901, p. 4)

It was evident that the poor show made by Derbyshire on Thursday affected the attendance at this match yesterday, as, although the weather was all that could be desired, there were very few persons present when the game was resumed. Overnight, when stumps were drawn, M.C.C. anti Ground were 131 runs on in the first innings, and had two wickets to fall, so that their position was very favourable. Starting punctually at half-past eleven, Dr. A. Conan Doyle, not out 24, was joined by Carlin. Young continued his over from the Nursery end, and Bestwick bowled from the other, after which Hulme went on vice Young. The professional at once commenced to hit out vigorously; but Dr. Conan Doyle was unable to settle down, and was missed when he had only made four additional runs. In the same over (Hulme's), however, he was caught by Chatterton for 28, in compiling which he was in altogether an hour and ten minutes. Then Carlin was magnificently caught in the long field by Cadman for a merry contribution of 21, and the innings, which lasted three hours and fifty minutes, closed for 287. Seven bowlers had been tried throughout, but each proved expensive, albeit Hulme was very difficult to play during the morning. No less than 157 runs behind, Derbyshire went in a second time, at twenty minutes past twelve. L. G. Wright and Bagshaw being opposed by Hearne and Trott, the latter from the Nursery end. Again the visitors made a disastrous start, as, when only 17 runs had been registered, Bagshaw was well taken by Captain Greig off Trott, and a run later L. G. Wright had to retire with only ten to his credit. Chatterton never appeared comfortable, and at 36 he was easily caught by Hearne off Trott, both of whom had also accounted for the previous batsmen. When the visiting Captain joined Storer, a much better aspect was put on the game, and runs came steadily. The 50 went up in forty-five minutes, and at 68 Thompson went on, vice Hearne. The change, however, failed to dissolve the partnership, and the century was registered in an hour and a quarter. Immediately after, Storer, who had been batting with his usual confidence, had reached 50 in as many minutes. At 109 Rawlin went on instead of Trott, and upon this occasion the change proved effective, as at 118 he bowled Lawton for a useful 37, and in the next ball dismissed the new comer, A. P. Boissier. Cadman stayed in until the interval, when the total was 123 for five wickets. Upon resuming, both batsmen played very carefully, and the total was gradually raised to 146, when, off Rawlin, Cadman was snapped at the wicket for 17. In Hearne's second over, Storer hit him to the boundary for four, and the necessary runs to avoid a single innings defeat were then put up. Hulme was clean bowled when he had only made four, and at 166 Storer was out leg-before for a grand innings or 78. He had been batting exactly two hours, and gave only one chance, to Captain Greig, when he had made 61. His hits included eleven fours, one three, and six twos. Young's stay was very brief, as, though he made a single off Hearne, he was easily beaten by Rawlin, who was very difficult to play. Bestwick was unable to materially assist Burton, and was bowled for a single, the innings, which had lasted two hours and a-half, thus closing for 177, and Rawlin's average being five wickets for 28 runs. M.C.C. had an easy task set them, with 21 to make to win, and opened with Carlin and Geeson, the attack being shared by Cadman and Burton. Carlin had made ten out of 15 when he was well bowled by Cadman. Thompson then hit off the necessary runs, and at twenty minutes past four the match was over, M.C.C. winning by nine wickets. Full score and analysis:—


First innings.

  • Mr. L. G. Wright, c Trott, b Hearne ... 42
  • Bagshaw, b Hearne ... 1
  • Storer, b Hearne ... 32
  • Chatterton, b Trott ... 4
  • Mr. A. E. Lawton, b Hearne ... 17
  • Mr. A. P. Boissier, c Trott, b Hearne ... 6
  • Cadman, c Rawlin, b Hearne ... 4
  • Hulme, c Geeson, b Trott ... 9
  • Young, b Hearne ... 0
  • Burton, not out ... 9
  • Bestwick, b Trott ... 1
  • Bye, 1; leg-byes, 4 ... 5
  • Total ... 130

Second innings.

  • Mr. L. G. Wright, c Hearne, b Trott ... 10
  • Bagshaw, c Greig, b Trott ... 7
  • Storer, lbw, b Hearne ... 78
  • Chatterton, c Hearne, b Trott ... 2
  • Mr. A. E. Lawton, b Rawlin ... 37
  • Mr. A. P. Boissier, b Rawlin ... 0
  • Cadman, c Carlin, b Rawlin ... 17
  • Hulme, b Rawlin ... 4
  • Young, b Rawlin ... 1
  • Burton, not out ... 9
  • Bestwick, b Hearne ... 1
  • Bye, 9; leg-byes, 2 ... 11
  • Total ... 177


First innings.

  • Mr. H. B. Hayman, c Storer, b Bestwick ... 39
  • Mr. W. L. Murdoch, run out ... 0
  • Captain J. G. Greig, b Burton ... 32
  • Thompson, c Burton, b Hulme ... 54
  • Captain H. C. Moorhouse, c Lawton, b Boissier ... 44
  • Rawlin, c Storer, b Burton ... 47
  • Trott (A. E.), b Hulme ... 5
  • Mr. A. Conan Doyle, c Chatterton, b Hulme ... 28
  • Geeson, c Storer, b Boissier ... 8
  • Carlin, c Cadman, b Hulme ... 21
  • Hearne, not out ... 1
  • Byes ... 8
  • Total ... 287

Second innings.

  • Thompson, not out ... 7
  • Geeson, not out ... 4
  • Carlin, b Cadman ... 10
  • Leg-byes, 2; no-ball, 1 ... 3
  • Total ... 24


DERBYSHIRE. — First Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Hearne 22 6 67 7
Rawlin 10 3 17 0
Trott 11.3 2 41 3

Second Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Hearne 21.1 5 56 2
Trott 15 5 49 3
Thompson 6 0 33 0
Rawlin 12 4 28 5

M.C.C. AND GROUND. — First Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Hulme 24.2 4 85 4
Bestwick 24 9 59 1
Burton 11 1 44 2
Boissier 6 0 32 2
Cadman 6 1 20 0
Young 3 0 21 0
Lawton 4 1 18 0

Second Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Cadman 4.4 1 10 1
Burton 4 0 11 0

Cadman delivered one no-ball.