M.C.C. and Ground v. London Cricket Fields

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M.C.C. and Ground v. London Cricket Fields is a cricket score result published in The Referee on 1 september 1901.

Result was a draw.

M.C.C. and Ground v. London Cricket Fields

The Referee (1 september 1901, p. 8)

Owing to rain the annual match between M.C.C. and Ground and a team representing the London Playing Fields, had to be left drawn at Lord's yesterday. For the M.C.C., who closed their innings when the score stood at 269 for six, T. Brown gave a fine display of vigorous hitting in an innings of 132, which included sixteen 4's. Mr. A. Conan Doyle was also seen to considerable advantage. Full score: M.C.C. (first innings) : A. Conan Doyle, b Jones 53; C. C. T. Doll, b Jones 0; T. Brown, c Syrad, b Jones, 132; W. R. Collins, c Vanderwell, b Tunks, 22; A. V. Houghton, b Hale, 1; F. E. Lacey, b Hale, 8; J. W. Jardine, not out, 35; F. A. Buckingham, not out, 5; Russell, Tate, F. Trott, and A. Lambert did not bat (innings closed); extras, 13; total, 269. Playing Fields (first innings): P. W. Hale, not out, 0; J. T. Watson, not out, 4; C. A. Vanderwell, C. W. Graham, F. Syrad, W. Freemantel, F. Hood, F. Legg, W. H. Jones, P. Tunks, H. K. Mears, and F. Keats did not bat; total, 4.