Maîtresse Royale

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Maîtresse Royale (1907)

Maîtresse Royale (Royal Mistress) is a French book collecting 8 short stories written by various authors including Arthur Conan Doyle, published by Félix Juven in their series "Le Roman romanesque" No. 51, in july 1907.

The 8th story is Arthur Conan Doyle's His First Operation (1894) translated in French. Unknown translator.


  • Maîtresse Royale, by Marie-Anne de Bovet
  • Les Cerises, by André Theuriet
  • Au Grand Prix, by GYP
  • Villégiatures, by Paul Hervieu
  • Scrupules, by Henry Kistemaeckers
  • Accordailles, by Catulle Mendès
  • Entre l'arbre et l'écorce, by Paul Lacour
  • La Première opération, by Arthur Conan Doyle

La Première opération