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Marriage and Parenthood

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Marriage and Parenthood is an article published in The Times on 13 march 1918.

The article announced the series of conferences "Marriage and Parenthood: Their Ideals and Dangers" held by the "National Council of Public Morals" at the Caxton Hall, Westminster (London) where Arthur Conan Doyle was invited as a speaker.

Marriage and Parenthood

The Times (13 march 1918, p. 2)

A conference on "Marriage and Parenthood: Their Ideals and Dangers," called by the National Council of Public Morals, will be held in Caxton Hall, Westminster, on Wednesday and Thursday, March 20 and 21. The programme is as follows:—

March 20. — Morning session ; president, the Bishop of Birmingham : subject "The Ethics of Marriage" (Speakers, Principal P. T. Forsyth, the Bishop of Norwich, and Dr. R. F. Morton).

Afternoon Session. — President. Dr. Mary Scharlieb: subject "The Future of Marriage" (speakers, Bishop Welidon, Lady Falmouth, Lady Ruckar, Professor H. Gollancz, Father Bernard Vaughan and Sir A. Conan Doyle.

March 21. - Morning session ; president, Principal Garvie ; subjects, "A Ministry of Health" (speakers, Dr. C. W. Salesby and others), "Ethics of the Prevention of Venereal Disease" (speakers, Major Leonard Darwin, the Rev. A. Fleming, and Canon Horsley).

Afternoon Session. — President, Lady Selborne : subjects, "Civics of Parenthood" (speakers. Dr. E. Lyttelton and Professor J. H. Muirhead). "Economics of Parenthood" (speakers, Principal Garvie, Judge Henry Neil and others). "Ethics of Parenthood (speakers, Monsignor Brown, Dr. W. J. Howarth, Rev. F. B. Meyer, and others).

Programmes and tickets of admission can be had on application to the Rev. James Marchant, Director and Secretary of the National Council of Public Morals, 20, Bedford-square, W.C.1.