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Oatlands Park v. Broadwater

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Oatlands Park v. Broadwater is a cricket result published in The Surrey Advertiser on 13 july 1901.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Broadwater) lost.

Oatlands Park v. Broadwater

The Surrey Advertiser (13 july 1901, p. 7)

Played at Oatlands Park on saturday, ending in a win for the home side. Score:—

BroadwaterA. Conan Doyle, b Macfarlan, 48; T. C. Bett, c Willson, b Wood, 3; H. V. Gillett, c Keenlyside, b Wood, 2; R. Gillett, c MacFarlan, b Wood, 11; R. Chilman, b Willson, 1; M. R. Gillard, c Kelly, b Willson, 3; W. D. Marshall, not out, 32; P. A. Symonds, b Macfarlan, 0; M. Marshall, c Kelly, b Macfarlan, 0; H. J. Pullman, b Macfarlan, 1; O. Wreford-Brown, absent, 0; extras 8; total 109.

Oatlands Park — W. H. C. Wilson, c Chilman b Conan-Doyle, 70; H. S. Willson, c Pullman b Conan-Doyle, 17; G. H. Costerill, c Chilman b H. Gillett, 98; Major Macfarlan, c H. Gillett b Bett, 19; T. M. Pike, b Pullman, 22; C. A. H. Keenlyside, not out, 33; A. P. Bain, not out, 13; extras 22; total (for five wickets) 294. J. C. Wood, A. H. Godfrey, H. C. Formby, and A. L. Kelly did not bat.