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Opening of The Psychic Book Shop

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Opening of The Psychic Book Shop is an article written by L. C. published in Light on 14 february 1925.

About the opening of his Psychic Bookshop.

Opening of The Psychic Book Shop

We live in adventurous days, and surprises crowd thick upon us. Some such reflection doubtless entered the minds of many people passing along Victoria-street on Monday last, as they gazed into the attractive windows of The Psychic Book Shop opened on that day.

Hitherto the man in the street with an inquiring turn of mind, who wanted to find out something about this new faith which had captured such good men as Conan Doyle, Oliver Lodge, Barrett, Blatchford, and Marshall-Hall, has not known where to turn for information. He knew nothing of such secluded back-waters as Queen-square, Smithsquare, and Holland Park.

Now, thanks to the bold initiative of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in at least one very busy quarter of London, psychic literature will, so to speak, hit the public in the face.

The first shop on the north side of Victoria-street, after leaving Westminster Abbey, is destined to become famous. Here, for the first time since the tiny but momentous revolution of 1848 in far-away Hydesville, is a large, well stocked bookshop and library of psychic literature in the very centre of a great city.

On the opening day there was no rush on the part of the public for the treasures within the shop, but a steady sprinkle of people throughout the day who bought books and pamphlets. But the windows were a magnet, and by and by, when these gazers from afar have overcome their initial tremors, they will enter and make their first plunge into the psychic world.

Sir Arthur and Lady Conan Doyle visited the shop morning and afternoon, and answered many inquiries. Orders by post have flowed in, and Mr. R. G. Monier Williams, the manager, and Miss De Morgan, his assistant, had the satisfaction of dispatching numerous parcels at the close of the first day. Miss De Morgan, it is interesting to note, is a Grand-daughter of Professor Augustus De Morgan, who, in the sixties was such a valiant defender of the truth of psychic facts.

L. C.