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Our Doubles After Death

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Our 'Doubles' After Death is an article published in the Daily Mail on 30 june 1919, including a part of a speech by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Our 'Doubles' After Death

Daily Mail (23 june 1919, p. 3)


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in a lecture on "Death and the Hereafter," at the Queen's Hall, London, yesterday, said:

The body was permeated with "hound ether" even to the smallest tissue, and if his (Sir Arthur's) body disappeared, there would still remain a mould of his body standing in the place of the physical body, but exactly like it. This body was indestructible. At death this etheric body— this spiritual facsimile of the other — passed over. It disengaged itself until it found itself looking at its own body.

Conditions in the other world were remarkably like our own, raised to a higher sphere, more beautiful, ethereal, and infinitely more happy. It was a "rest cure" after the trials of this life. Here man knew his worst; there man knew his best. It was a life of congenial work, which gave opportunity for the inherent capacities of man. There was family life, where only those in sympathy drew together. Spiritualists knew that this was not a dream.


The Church for 50 years had talked of "diabolism" instead of being alive to the truth of spiritualism and bringing it into their own fold. If the Established Church accepted the doctrines stated it would get fresh dynamic power which would carry on Christianity. If it did not it was doomed. Nothing could live against truth.

Christ was a psychic. He chose His disciples for their psychic power. Three of them were always with Him when He performed a miracle, as though their presence was necessary to complete a circle.

All psychical phenomena put a terrible test on the medium, and frequently medium groaned when developing phenomena. When Christ went down to raise Lazarus from the dead, the Bible says "Jesus groaned." Why did Jesus groan? asked the lecturer. It was because He was making a great effort as a psychic.