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Papa, les p'tits bateaux (play 1908)

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Ad in Comoedia magazine (1 september 1908, p. 4)

Papa, les p'tits bateaux (Dad, little boats) is a French 2-act play, written by Jean Bataille and Lucy Dereymon, performed at the Théâtre Grévin (Paris, France) from 1 september to 2 october 1908, starring Jean Bataille as Sherlock Holmes.

The title is inspired from a french song for children "Maman, les p'tits bateaux" (Mom, little boats), but the plot and the connection with Sherlock Holmes is not yet known.


  • Sherlock Holmes / Rostand : Jean Bataille
  • Émilienne : Lucy Dereymon
  • Brochette / The Navvy / The electrician / Agent #1 / The Champion : Mr. Henriet
  • The stonemason / Agent #2 / The castaway / Police Inspector / Employee : Mr. Jovenet