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Patrick Newell

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Patrick Newell as Blessington in episode The Resident Patient (1985)
Patrick Newell as Inspector Lestrade in episode A Motive for Murder (1979)

Patrick Newell (27 march 1932 - 22 july 1988) is a British actor who played many roles in sherlockian movies.

In 1965, he was the policeman Benson in A Study in Terror with John Neville (Sherlock Holmes).

In 1968, though he played his famous role Mother in the TV series The Avengers, he didn't appear in the sherlockian episode The Curious Case of the Countless Clues.

In 1980, he played inspector Lestrade in 17 episodes of the TV series Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson with Geoffrey Whitehead (Sherlock Holmes) and Donald Pickering (Dr. Watson).

In 1985, he was Blessington in The Resident Patient of the TV series Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett (Sherlock Holmes).

The same year, he was Bentley Bobster in the movie Young Sherlock Holmes with Nicholas Rowe (Sherlock Holmes) and Alan Cox (Dr. Watson).