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List of periodicals (magazines & newspapers) which published works of Arthur Conan Doyle (fictions, poems, letters or articles). Some have been published directly in books and aren't included in this list, please refer to the complete works page or the Publishers list.

Periodicals with Conan Doyle writings

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Dates Periodical Type Periodicity Country SH
1879-1907 British Medical Journal, The Magazine Weekly UK
1879-1895 Chambers's Journal Magazine Weekly UK
1879-1906 Buffalo Courier Newspaper Daily USA
1879-1892 Leeds Mercury, The Newspaper Daily UK
1879-1907 Derbyshire Courier Newspaper Daily UK
1879 Buffalo Weekly Courier Newspaper Daily USA
1879 Perrysburg Journal, The Newspaper Daily USA
1879 St. Joseph Traveler Herald Newspaper Daily USA
1880-1885 London Society Magazine Monthly UK
1881 Daily American (Nashville), The Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Burlington Clipper Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Bismarck Tribune, The Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Union Springs Herald Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Eufaula Times and News Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Ulverston Mirror, The Newspaper Daily UK
1881 Shields Daily Gazette and Shipping Telegraph, The Newspaper Daily UK
1881 Cornish Telegraph, The Newspaper Daily UK
1881 New England Farmer Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Neodesha Gazette, The Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Vermont Journal Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Waterloo Courier, The Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Sacramento Daily Record-Union Newspaper Daily USA
1881 Lincolnshire Chronicle, The Newspaper Daily UK
1881-1885 British Journal of Photography, The Magazine Weekly UK
1881-1896 Daily Picayune, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1881-1897 The Manchester Weekly Times Newspaper Daily UK
1881-1905 Evening Star, The (Washington D.C.) Newspaper Daily USA
1882 Cain City News Newspaper Weekly USA
1882 Preston Herald, The Newspaper Daily UK
1882-1907 Lancet, The Magazine Weekly UK
1882-1883 All The Year Round Magazine Weekly UK
1883-1891 Temple Bar Magazine Monthly UK
1883 Eastbourne Chronicle Newspaper Weekly UK
1883 Perry County Democrat, The Newspaper Daily USA
1883-1887 Boy's Own Paper, The Magazine Weekly UK
1883-1895 Bow Bells Magazine Weekly UK
1883-1891 Good Words Magazine Monthly UK
1884-1929 Evening News, The Newspaper Daily UK
1884-1926 Evening News, The (Portsmouth) Newspaper Daily UK
1884-1915 Cornhill Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK
1884-1893 Cassell's Saturday Journal Magazine Weekly UK
1885 Belgravia Magazine Monthly UK
1885 Buffalo Commercial Advertiser Newspaper Daily USA
1886 Cassell's Family Magazine Magazine Monthly UK
1886-1888 The Hampshire Post and Sussex Observer Newspaper Daily UK
1886-1891 Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle Newspaper Daily UK *
1887 Portsmouth Times Newspaper Daily UK
1887-1890 Evening Mail, The Newspaper Daily UK
1887-1930 Light Magazine Weekly UK
1887 Beeton's Christmas Annual Magazine Annual UK *
1888 Pall Mall Budget, The Magazine Weekly UK
1888 Nineteenth Century, The Magazine Monthly UK
1888-1917 Pall Mall Gazette, The Newspaper Daily UK
1889-1929 The People Newspaper Weekly UK
1890 National Review Magazine Biweekly USA
1890 Blackwood's Magazine Magazine Monthly UK
1890 Lippincott's Magazine Magazine Monthly USA *
1890 Bristol Observer, The Newspaper Daily UK *
1890-1891 Eclectic Magazine, The Magazine Monthly USA
1890-1912 Current Literature Magazine Monthly USA
1890-1929 Living Age, The Magazine Weekly USA
1890 Review of Reviews, The Magazine Monthly UK
1891-1892 Black & White Magazine Weekly UK
1891-1892 The Pittsburg Dispatch Newspaper Daily UK *
1891-1892 Answers Newspaper Weekly UK
1891-1893 Baltimore Weeky Sun Newspaper Weekly USA *
1891-1894 Harper's Weekly Magazine Weekly USA *
1891-1894 Examiner, The (San Francisco) Newspaper Daily USA *
1891-1898 Inter Ocean, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1891-1927 Courier-Journal, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1891-1930 Strand Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK *
1891-1930 Strand Magazine, The Magazine Monthly USA *
1891 Gentlewoman, The Magazine Weekly UK
1891-1892 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper Daily USA *
1891-1894 Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper Magazine Weekly UK
1891 Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette Newspaper Daily USA
1891 The Tauchnitz Magazine Magazine Monthly DE *
1892 Pittsburgh Press, The Newspaper Daily USA
1892 Philadelphia Inquirer, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1892-1908 Independent, The Magazine Weekly USA
1892-1919 Daily Chronicle, The Newspaper Daily UK
1892 Evening Press (York), The Newspaper Daily UK
1892 Penny Illustrated Paper, The Newspaper Weekly UK
1892 Evening Telegraph (Dundee), The Newspaper Daily UK
1892 Illustrated London News, The Magazine Weekly UK
1892 Ludgate Weekly Magazine, The Magazine Weekly UK
1892 Sun, The (New York) Newspaper Daily USA *
1892 Sunday News, The (Detroit) Newspaper Daily USA
1892 Globe, The (Toronto) Newspaper Daily CA
1892-1902 Atlanta Constitution, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1892-1906 Minneapolis Journal, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1892-1893 Harper's Monthly Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1892-1928 Bookman, The Magazine Monthly UK
1892-1930 Times, The Newspaper Daily UK
1892-1895 Idler, The Magazine Monthly UK
1892 Phil May's Annual Magazine Annual UK
1892-1898 Speaker, The Magazine Weekly UK
1892-1902 Indianapolis News, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1892-1914 New-York Tribune Newspaper Daily USA *
1893 Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, The Newspaper Daily UK
1893 Ipswich Journal,The Newspaper Daily UK
1893-1899 Young Man, The Magazine Monthly UK
1893-1902 McClure's Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1893-1902 Critic, The Magazine Monthly USA
1893-1911 San Francisco Call, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1893-1913 Pall Mall Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK
1893-1930 Chicago Tribune, The Newspaper Daily USA
1894 Glasgow Weekly Mail Newspaper Weekly UK *
1894 Great Thoughts Magazine Monthly UK
1894 New Age, The Magazine Weekly UK
1894-1914 Temps, le Newspaper Daily FR *
1894-1895 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Magazine Weekly USA
1894-1923 World, The (New York) Newspaper Daily USA *
1895-1898 Windsor Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK *
1895-1899 Cosmopolitan, The Magazine Monthly USA
1895-1899 The Pocket Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1895-1911 Scribner's Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1895-1915 Los Angeles Evening Express Newspaper Daily USA *
1895 Author, The Magazine Monthly UK
1895 Revue Hebdomadaire, La Magazine Weekly FR *
1895 The People's Home Journal Magazine Monthly USA *
1895-1930 New-York Times, The Newspaper Daily USA
1896 Hub, The Magazine
1896 Student, The Magazine UK
1896 Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Magazine Weekly USA
1896 Montgomery County Times, The Newspaper Weekly UK
1896-1907 Ouvrier, L' Newspaper Daily FR *
1896-1926 Westminster Gazette, The Newspaper Daily UK
1896-1931 Sacramento Bee, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1897 Estafette, L' Newspaper Daily FR *
1897-1901 Temple Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK
1897-1922 Saturday Review, The Magazine Weekly UK
1897-1924 Pearson's Magazine Magazine Monthly UK
1897-1898 Journal du Dimanche Newspaper Weekly FR *
1898 Munsey's Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1898 Sunlight Year-Book, The Magazine Annual USA
1898-1916 New Time (Новое Время) Magazine RU *
1898-1900 Lecture, La Magazine Weekly FR
1898-1926 Ainslee's Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1898-1928 Star, The Newspaper Daily UK
1898-1930 The Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Daily USA *
1899 Revue des Revues, La Magazine Biweekly FR
1899 Captain, The Magazine Monthly UK
1899 The Paragon Monthly Magazine Monthly USA *
1899-1906 Vie Illustrée, La Magazine Weekly FR *
1900 Santa Cruz Morning Sentinel Newspaper Daily USA
1900 Evening Sentinel Newspaper Daily USA
1900 Evening Dispatch, The Newspaper Daily UK
1900-1901 World Magazine
1900 Friend Magazine
1900-1918 Tit-Bits Magazine Weekly UK *
1900 Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly Magazine Weekly USA
1900-1920 Punch (London) Magazine Weekly UK
1899-1928 The Daily News Newspaper Daily UK
1900-1954 Irish Times, The Newspaper Daily IE
1900-1901 Grocer's Assistant Magazine
1900 Glasgow Evening, The Newspaper Daily UK
1900-1904 Scotsman, The Newspaper Daily UK
1900 Journal des Débats Politiques et Littéraires Newspaper Daily FR *
1901 Lettura, La Magazine Monthly IT
1901-1906 Farnham, Haslemere and Hindhead Herald Newspaper Daily UK
1901-1902 Wide World Magazine, The Magazine Weekly USA
1901 Nineteeth Century and After Magazine
1901-1926 Spectator, The Magazine Weekly UK
1902 The Daily Messenger, Paris Newspaper Daily FR
1902 German Times, The Newspaper Daily DE
1902-1906 St. Louis Republic, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1902-1910 London Magazine, The Magazine Bimonthly UK
1902-1906 Monde Moderne, Le Magazine Monthly FR *
1902-1911 Boston Post, The Newspaper Daily USA
1902-1916 Matin, Le Newspaper Daily FR *
1902-1920 Outlook, The Magazine Weekly USA
1903-1906 Hawick Express, The Newspaper Daily UK
1903-1920 Seattle Star, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1903-1922 Sunday Oregonian, The Newspaper Weekly USA *
1903 Lectures Modernes, Les Magazine Bimonthly FR
1903-1924 Collier's Magazine Weekly USA *
1903-1913 Mon Dimanche Magazine Weekly FR *
1903-1921 Romanzo Mensile, Il Magazine Monthly IT *
1904 Good Literature (Lupton) Magazine Monthly USA
1904-1905 Border Advertiser Newspaper Daily UK
1904-1905 Femme d'Aujourd'hui, La Magazine Biweekly FR *
1904 Southern Reporter, The Newspaper Daily UK
1905-1906 Owensboro Inquirer Newspaper Daily USA *
1905-1906 Philadelphia Press Newspaper Daily USA
1905-1906 Denver Rocky Mountain Tribune Newspaper Daily USA
1905-1906 Chicago Record-Herald Newspaper Daily USA
1905-1907 Lyon Républicain Newspaper Daily FR *
1905-1927 Los Angeles Times, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1905-1906 The Sun (Baltimore) Newspaper Daily USA
1905 Grand Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK
1905-1907 Every Boy's Monthly Magazine Monthly UK
1905 Journal, Le Magazine Daily FR
1905 Bystander, The Magazine Weekly UK
1905-1929 Daily Mail Newspaper Daily UK
1905-1938 Je Sais Tout Magazine Monthly FR *
1906 Oregon City Courier Newspaper Weekly USA
1906-1907 Cassell's Magazine Magazine Monthly UK
1906-1908 Journal des Voyages et des Aventures de Terre et de Mer Magazine Weekly FR
1906-1920 Annales Politiques et Littéraires, Les Magazine Weekly FR *
1906-1911 Nos Loisirs Magazine Weekly FR *
1906-1930 Daily Express Newspaper Daily UK
1906-1909 Golden Hours Magazine Monthly UK *
1907 The Elyria Reporter Newspaper Daily USA
1907 Daily Telegraph, The Newspaper Daily UK
1907 Vie d'Aventures, La Magazine Biweekly FR
1907 The Daily Herald (Calgary) Newspaper Daily CA
1907 Ouvrier, L' Magazine Biweekly FR *
1907 Grand Illustré, Le Magazine Weekly FR *
1907 Mon Bonheur Magazine Weekly FR *
1907-1908 Humanité, L' Newspaper Daily FR *
1907-1929 Calgary Daily Herald, The Newspaper Daily CA
1908-1910 Petit Parisien, Le Newspaper Daily FR
1908-1927 Lectures Pour Tous Magazine Monthly FR *
1908-1911 Touche à Tout Magazine Monthly FR
1909-1919 Crowborough Weekly Newspaper Daily UK
1909-1920 Daily Graphic, The Newspaper Daily UK
1909 Tablet Magazine
1909 Economist, The Magazine Weekly UK
1909 Cravache Oranaise, La Magazine Biweekly DZ
1909 Western Daily Mercury Newspaper Daily UK
1909-1922 Referee, The Newspaper Weekly UK
1910-1930 Morning Post, The Newspaper Daily UK
1910 Cycling Magazine
1910 St. Mary's Hospital Gazette Magazine Monthly UK
1911 Literary Pageant, The Magazine
1911 American Magazine, The Magazine Monthly USA *
1911-1912 Courrier Breton Newspaper Daily FR *
1911-1925 Belfast Evening Telegraph Newspaper Daily IE
1911-1930 Express du Midi, L' Newspaper Daily FR *
1912 The St. Louis Star Newspaper Daily USA
1912 London Opinion Newspaper Weekly UK
1912-1929 Evening Standard Newspaper Daily UK
1913 Sporting Life, The Newspaper Daily UK
1913 Nash's Pall Mall Magazine Magazine Monthly UK
1913 Harper's Bazaar Magazine Monthly USA
1913-1918 Everybody's Magazine Magazine Monthly USA
1913-1927 Fortnightly Review, The Magazine Monthly UK
1913-1915 Argus (Аргус) Magazine RU *
1914 Top-Notch Magazine Magazine Trimensual USA
1914 Vie au Grand Air, La Magazine Weekly FR
1914-1927 Eastbourne Gazette, The Magazine Weekly UK
1914-1921 The Freeman's Journal Newspaper Daily IE
1914-1918 Current History Magazine Monthly USA
1915 Guy's Hospital Gazette Magazine
1915-1916 Renaissance Politique, Littéraire et Artistique, La Magazine Bimonthly FR
1915-1929 Glasgow Herald, The Newspaper Daily UK
1915-1917 The War Illustrated Magazine Weekly UK
1915-1920 Pearson's Weekly Magazine Weekly UK
1915-1927 International Psychic Gazette, The Magazine Monthly UK
1916 Manchester City News Newspaper Daily UK
1916 Belfast News-Letter, The Newspaper Daily IE
1916 Newcastle Daily Journal, The Newspaper Daily UK
1916-1928 Sunday Times, The Newspaper Daily UK
1916 Daily Mirror, The Newspaper Daily UK
1916 Observer, The Magazine
1916 Volunteer Training Corps Gazette Magazine
1916 Quiver Magazine
1916 Russian Invalid (Русский Инвалид) Newspaper Daily RU
1916 Our Messenger (Наш Вестник) Newspaper Daily RU
1916 News of the Headquarters of the XII Army (Известия штаба XII армии) Newspaper Daily RU
1916 Army Gazette (Армейский Вестник) (Армейский Вестник) Newspaper Daily RU
1916 Peace and War (Миp и Вoйнa) Newspaper Daily RU
1917 Birmingham Daily Post, The Newspaper Daily UK
1917 Yorkshire Post, The Newspaper Daily UK
1917-1924 Current Opinion Magazine Monthly USA
1917-1927 Revue Spirite, La Magazine Monthly FR
1917-1929 Empire News Newspaper Daily UK
1918 Book Monthly, The Magazine Monthly UK
1918 Financial News Newspaper Daily UK
1918 Ladies' Field Magazine
1918 Sunday Circle Magazine
1918 Metropolitan Magazine, The Newspaper Monthly USA
1918-1929 The Freethinker Magazine Weekly UK
1918-1930 Sussex Daily News Newspaper Daily UK
1919 Daily Herald Newspaper Daily UK
1919 Aberdeen Free Press, The Newspaper Daily UK
1919 Journal of Divorce Law Reform Union Magazine
1919-1930 Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Magazine Monthly UK
1919-1930 John O'London's Weekly Magazine Weekly UK
1919-1928 Sunday Pictorial Newspaper Weekly UK
1919-1921 Hearst's Magazine Monthly USA
1919 Worcestershire Advertiser Newspaper Daily UK
1919-1922 Daily News (New York) Newspaper Daily USA
1919-1930 Sunday Express Newspaper Daily UK
1919 British Weekly Magazine Weekly UK
1919 Common Sense Magazine
1919 Nation Magazine
1919-1920 Globe Magazine
1919 Worthing Gazette, The Magazine
1919-1929 Two Worlds, The Magazine Weekly UK
1919 Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper Magazine Weekly USA
1919-1922 Truth Magazine
1919-1926 Daily Sketch Newspaper Daily UK
1920-1927 Graphic, The Newspaper Weekly UK
1920 Southport Visiter, The Newspaper Daily UK
1920 Church Family Newspaper Newspaper Daily UK
1920 Lyceum Banner Magazine
1920 World of Trade Magazine
1920-1929 Sunday Chronicle Newspaper Daily UK
1920-1922 Lloyd's Sunday News Magazine
1920-1930 Evening Chronicle Newspaper Daily UK
1920 Literary Guide and Rationalist Review Magazine
1920 Punch (Melbourne) Magazine Weekly AU
1920 Argus, The, Melbourne Newspaper Daily AU
1920 Daily Telegraph, The, Sydney Newspaper Daily AU
1920 Evening News, The, Sydney Newspaper Daily AU
1920 Register, The, Adelaide Newspaper Daily AU
1920 Sydney Morning Herald, The Newspaper Daily AU
1920 New Zealand Herald, The Newspaper Daily NZ
1920 Otago Daily Times, The Newspaper Daily NZ
1920-1931 Berkshire Evening Eagle, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1921 Telegraph, The, Brisbane Newspaper Daily AU
1921 Daily Mail, Brisbane Newspaper Daily AU
1921-1924 Hearst's International Magazine Monthly USA *
1921-1927 Weekly Dispatch Magazine Weekly
1921 Yorkshire Weekly Post Newspaper Weekly UK
1921 Greensboro Daily News Newspaper Daily USA *
1921-1930 Occult Review, The Magazine Monthly UK
1922 New York Clipper Magazine Weekly USA
1922-1928 Spiritual Truth Magazine Weekly UK
1922 Storyteller, The Magazine
1922-1927 Quarterly Transactions of the British College of Psychic Science Magazine Monthly UK
1922 Oeuvres Libres, Les Magazine FR *
1922 Kansas City Morning Post Newspaper Daily USA
1922 Houston Texas Press Newspaper Daily USA
1922 Toledo News-Bee, The Newspaper Daily USA
1922-1923 New Statesman, The Magazine
1922-1924 Ouest-Eclair, L' Newspaper Daily FR *
1923 Oakland Tribune Newspaper Daily USA
1923 Liverpool Post Newspaper Daily UK
1923 Liverpool Mercury Newspaper Daily UK
1923 San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper Daily USA
1923 Chicago Examiner Newspaper Daily USA
1923 Chicago Daily News Newspaper Daily USA
1923 Church Times, The Newspaper Daily UK
1923-1930 John Bull Magazine Wekkly UK
1923-1926 Scientific American Magazine Monthly USA
1923 Daily Echo (Northampton) Newspaper Daily UK
1923 Reynolds's News Newspaper Daily UK
1923-1930 Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research Magazine Monthly USA
1923-1924 Excelsior Dimanche Magazine Weekly FR *
1924-1937 Dimanche Illustré Magazine Weekly FR *
1924 Radio Times, The Magazine Weekly UK
1924 T. P.'s and Cassell's Weekly Magazine Weekly
1924 Bristol Evening News, The Newspaper Daily UK
1924 Universe, The Newspaper Daily UK
1924-1928 Guardian, The Newspaper Daily UK
1924-1928 Thanet Advertiser Newspaper Daily UK
1925 St. Petersburg Times Newspaper Daily USA
1925 Isle of Wight County Press Newspaper Daily UK
1925-1926 Home Magazine, The Magazine Monthly UK
1925-1927 Boston Herald, The Newspaper Daily USA *
1925 Krasnaya Niva (Красная Нива) Newspaper Daily RU
1925-1928 Christian Spiritualist Magazine Weekly UK
1925 Clarion Magazine
1925 People's Journal Magazine
1925 English Mechanics Magazine
1925 Good Housekeeping Magazine Monthly USA
1925 Northern Whig, The Newspaper Daily IE
1925 Revue Française, La Magazine Weekly FR
1926 Western Morning News and Mercury Newspaper Daily UK
1926 Hutchinson's Magazine Magazine Monthly UK
1926 National Spiritualist Magazine
1926 Motion Picture Classic Magazine Monthly USA
1926-1927 Liberty Magazine Weekly USA *
1926 G.K.'s Weekly Magazine
1926 Nature Magazine
1926 Manchester Evening News Newspaper Daily UK
1926-1943 Argosy, The Magazine Monthly UK
1926-1927 Canadian Magazine, The Magazine Monthly CA
1927 Sheffield Mail Newspaper Daily UK
1927 St. Louis Globe Democrat, The Newspaper Daily USA
1927 Nottingham Evening News Newspaper Daily UK
1927-1930 Saturday Evening Post, The Magazine Weekly USA
1927-1930 Around the World (Вокруг Света) Magazine RU *
1927-1928 Aventure, L' Magazine Weekly FR *
1927 Bookman, The Magazine Monthly USA
1928 Manchester Guardian, The Newspaper Daily UK
1928 Immortality Magazine
1928 Banner of Life Magazine Monthly USA
1928-1929 Pêle-Mêle, Le Magazine Weekly FR
1928 South Wales Evening Express Newspaper Daily UK
1928 New York Herald Tribune Newspaper Daily USA
1928 The Cape Argus Newspaper Daily ZA
1928 Cape Times Newspaper Daily ZA
1928-1929 Rand Daily Mail Newspaper Daily ZA
1929 Bulawayo Chronicle, The Newspaper Daily ZW
1929 Southern Daily Echo Newspaper Daily UK
1929 Sussex County Herald Newspaper Daily UK
1929 East African Standard, The Newspaper Daily KE
1929 Hull Evening News Newspaper Daily UK
1929 Inverness Courier, The Newspaper Daily UK
1929 East Ham Echo Newspaper Daily UK
1929 Empire News Magazine
1929 Jewish Chronicle, The Magazine
1929-1930 Sciences et Voyages Magazine Weekly FR
1929-1948 Hearst's International and Cosmopolitan Magazine Monthly USA
1929 Ottawa Evening Citizen, The Newspaper Daily CA
1929 Winnipeg Evening Tribune, The Newspaper Daily CA
1930 Ghost Stories Magazine Monthly USA
1930-1931 Good Literature (Newsdealer) Magazine Monthly USA *
1930 Liberal, The Magazine
1930-1934 Ric et Rac Magazine Weekly FR *
1930 North-Eastern Daily Gazette Newspaper Daily UK
1931 Spectacles d'Alger, Les Magazine Weekly DZ
1934 Scoops Magazine Weekly UK
1948-1951 Lisez-moi Aventures Magazine Bimonthly FR *
1955 Lisez-moi Bleu Magazine Bimonthly FR
1966-1973 Look and Learn Magazine Weekly UK *

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