Portraits of Celebrities at different Times of their Lives

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The Strand Magazine (december 1891, p. 606)
[From a photo.] Age 4.
[From a photo by Campbell, Edinburgh.] Age 14.
[From a photo by Bashford, Portobello.] Age 22.
[From a photo by Elliott & Fry.] Age 32.

Portraits of Celebrities at different Times of their Lives is an article published in The Strand Magazine in december 1891.

The article covered several celebrities :

  • Miss Mary Anderson (Actress)
  • Andrew Lang (Writer)
  • Lord Coleridge (Lord Chief of Justice)
  • Prince Bismarck (Statesman)
  • Joseph Parker, D.D. (Theologian)
  • Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Madame Cathinca Amyot (Painter)

Below is the article about ACD only.

A. Conan Doyle

BORN 1859.

Mr. A. Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh. His grand-father was John Doyle the caricaturist, better known as "H. B.," and his uncles, Richard Doyle of Punch, James Doyle the historian, and Henry Doyle, C.B., director of the Irish Academy. He was brought up to medicine, and after two long voyages, one to the Arctic seas in a Greenland whaler, and the other to the West Coast of Africa, he settled into practice at Southsea. Ever since 1878 he had been a contributor to various magazines. Finally, he brought out "Micah Clarke," which, after being refused by five publishers, was eventually taken by Longmans, and is now going into its sixth edition. Finding literary work more and more engrossing, he gave up the medical profession and devoted his whole energies to authorship. There are few better writers of short stories than Mr. Conan Doyle, and it gives us great pleasure to announce that the extraordinary adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which have proved so popular with our readers during the past six months, will be continued in the new year. Mr. Conan Doyle is very keen on every form of sport — football, cycling, and especially cricket.