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President Roosevelt (letter by Adrian Conan Doyle)

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President Roosevelt is a letter written by Adrian Malcolm Conan Doyle published in The Times on 20 april 1945.

President Roosevelt

The Times (20 april 1945, p. 5)

Sir, — In common with all the truly great, President Roosevelt was a man of many facets. It is not generally known in this country, for instance, that he was a keen member of the American organization call. "The Baker Street Irregulars." In a letter that lies before me, the President writes:— "I cannot restrain the impulse to tell you that since I have had to give up cruising on the Potomac I sometimes go off the record on Sundays to an undisclosed retreat. In that spot the group of little cabins which shelter the Secret Service men is known as Baker Street. I am glad to play any part in keeping green the memory of Sherlock Holmes. Honoris causa!"

Surely a warm-hearted and spontaneous tribute from a great American.

Yours faithfully,