Round the Fire Stories

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Smith, Elder & Co. (1908)
Frontispiece by André Castaigne (The Leather Funnel)

Round the Fire Stories is a volume collecting 17 short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in 1908 by Smith, Elder & Co. (UK), and the same year by McClure (US). As Conan Doyle wrote in his preface, this volume include stories concerned with the grotesque and with the terrible.


(*) In the first english edition (Smith, Elder & Co., 1908) the titles have been shortened or modified from the original ones from the magazines.



In a previous volume, "The Green Flag," I have assembled a number of my stories which deal with warfare or with sport. In the present collection those have been brought together which are concerned with the grotesque and with the terrible — such tales as might well be read "round the fire" upon a winter's night. This would be my ideal atmosphere for such stories, if an author might choose his time and place as an artist does the light and hanging of his picture. However, if they have the good fortune to give pleasure to any one, at any time or place, their author will be very satisfied.