Ruyton v. Smethcote

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Ruyton v. Smethcote is a cricket result published in The Shrewsbury Chronicle on 9 august 1878.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Ruyton) won by 195 runs.

Ruyton v. Smethcote

The Shrewsbury Chronicle (9 august 1878, p. 3)

A match between these clubs took place on Thursday, August 1st, at Ruyton, and ended in a victory for the home team by 195 runs on the first innings. Messrs Eyton and Bonnor commenced the innings of Ruyton, to the bowling of Gill and Nevitt. Runs soon appeared, Mr Eyton seeming thoroughly to get hold of the bowling. The Rev R. D. Bonnor retired with the score at 38, he having made 14. The next wicket fell at 114, Mr Eyton still hitting away vigorously. The third wicket fell at 136, and the fourth at 209, Mr Eyton himself being out for 112 — a very freely-hit innings. He gave two chances, which did not come off. Six bowlers were tried against him, and at last Nevitt bowled him with a short-pitched ball. The remaining wickets brought the score to 244, the largest innings of the Ruyton club for a long time. On the Smethcote men appearing at the wickets, they openly expressed their intention of "sticking" till six o'clock. Messrs Doyle and Davies bowled their best, and at last a splendid catch at point got rid of Mr Mortimer, and another good catch at wicket disposed of Mr Gill. Mr Nevitt was the only one who made a long stand after this, and the innings closed for 49, just 195 behind. It being nearly six o'clock, the second innings was not commenced. Mr T. Davies bowled four wickets for about as many runs. Mr P. Wormald was too unwell to bat for Smethcote. Score:—


  • T. Slaney Eyton, b Nevitt ... 112
  • Rev R. D. Bonnor, c Trouncer, b Groves ... 14
  • A. C. Doyle, b Gill ... 24
  • J. A. H. Walford, c and b Nevitt ... 3
  • W. T. Burr, c Nevitt, b Mortimer ... 37
  • H. Mansell, c Scholfield, b Gill ... 11
  • J. H. N. Walford, b Gill ... 2
  • M. Jacson, b Mortimer ... 4
  • T. Davies, st Nevitt, b Mortimer ... 7
  • Rev J. B. Meredith, not out ... 1
  • W. Davies, c Gill, b Mortimer ... 0
  • Extras ... 29
  • Total ... 244


  • Rev B. C. Mortimer, c Bonnor, b Doyle ... 2
  • W. Gill, c Eyton, b T. Davies ... 3
  • H. W. B. Scholfield, b Doyle ... 2
  • W. Nevitt, c Burr, b Bonnor ... 17
  • P. S. Grove, c Mansell, b T. Davies ... 0
  • Rev F. G. Burder, c and b Doyle ... 8
  • W. R. Bickerton, not out ... 4
  • Rev J. R. Legh, b T. Davies ... 0
  • F. Bibby, b T. Davies ... 0
  • P. T. Trouncer, run out ... 1
  • P. Wormald, retired ... 0
  • Extras ... 12
  • Total ... 49