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Sheldon Reynolds

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Sheldon Reynolds

Sheldon Reynolds (10 december 1923 - 25 january 2003) was an American TV producer who produced two Sherlock Holmes TV series : Sherlock Holmes, the excellente series filmed at Épinay-sur-Seine studios in France in 1954-1955, with Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes, Howard Marion-Crawford as Watson and Archie Duncan as inspector Lestrade ; and Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson, in 1979-1980, filmed in Poland, with Geoffrey Whitehead as Sherlock Holmes, Donald Pickering as Watson and Patrick Newell as Lestrade.

Sheldon Reynolds was involved in the attempt of purchase of the rights upon Sherlock Holmes in USA, attempt which was continued by his ex-wife Andrea Reynolds-Plunket, with no success as well. Sheldon was only 31 when he produced the Ronald Howard series, and the good quality of the show is due to his vision of the character. He said in an interview: « When reading A Study in Scarlet, I was suddenly struck by the difference between the character [in the novel] and that of the stage and screen. Here, Holmes was a young man in his 30s, human, gifted, of a philosophic and scholastic bent, but subject to fateful mistakes which stemmed from overeagerness and lack of experience. » His goal was to avoid the usual clichés, and from that perspective, his Sherlock Holmes is a success.