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Sherlock Holmes. Original of Famous Character in Spirit Photograph

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"Sherlock Holmes." Original of Famous Character in Spirit Photograph is an article published in the Daily Mail on 1 january 1926.

Sherlock Holmes

Daily Mail (1 january 1926, p. 3)

Original of Famous Character in "Spirit" Photograph.

A "spirit" face which appeared on a psychic photograph taken recently under the mediumship of Mrs. Deane is claimed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to be that of Dr. "Joe" Bell, the original Sherlock Holmes, from whom Sir Arthur received the information for the famous detective stories.

During a lecture in London Sir Arthur exhibited the photograph as a lantern slide on the screen, explaining that he had shown the photograph to an old nurse who knew Dr. Bell, and that she agreed as to the likeness.

Other celebrities, who, according to Sir Arthur, have been stamping their images on photographic plates include Sir Hiram Maxim and Joseph Conrad, and among the many pictures shown were a number taken during seances, showing materialised forms of "spirits," who looked amazingly substantial.

Lack of harmony or "soul sympathy," Sir Arthur declared, produced "adverse currents" at a sitting, and he advised scientists when investigating spiritualism to show more sympathy, and to use "a little more heart and a little less brain."