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Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act

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Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act (1999-2014)

Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act is a British one-man play written by David Stuart Davies and directed by Gareth Armstrong, premiered in 1999 at Salisbury (UK), starring Roger Llewellyn playing himself 14 characters (Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty...).

The play has toured from 1999 to 2014 with over 600 performances in 450 venues, and won an award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1999.

It is 1914 and Holmes has just returned to Baker Street from Watson’s funeral and he feels compelled to tell his absent friend all that he should have told him when he was alive, including a shocking secret.




Video credits: © Steve & Pat Tanenbaum.





  • 1999 : Salisbury Playhouse (UK) Premiere


  • 9 february 2007 : The Crescent Theatre (Birmingham, UK)
  • 21 june 2007 : Newbury's Arlington Arts Center (Newbury, UK)
  • 20 september - 10 october 2007 : The Cockpit (Edinburgh, Scotland)


  • 24-28 November 2009 : Tabard Theatre (London, UK)


  • 27 february 2010 : Palace Theatre (Newark, UK)