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Sherlock Holmes (play 1912)

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Promotional postcard with Andrjes Björnsson as Professor Moriarty and Bjarni Björnsson as Sherlock Holmes in the play Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes is an Icelandic 5-act play, written by Walter Christmas, performed from 7 to 28 april 1912 at the Reykjavik National Theather (Reykjavik, Iceland), starring Bjarni Björnsson as Sherlock Holmes and Andrjes Björnsson as Professor Moriarty. According to a critic [1], the two Björnsson were twins.

The play was performed on sundays only : 7, 14, 21 and 28 april 1912.

It seems that it was an adaptation of the 1899 William Gillette play of the same name: Sherlock Holmes, as similarities are mentioned: Moriarty, Larrabees, gas cellar, gangsters... [1]

There was also a previous version of the same play in Iceland with Jens B. Waage (Sherlock Holmes) and Arni Eiríksson (Moriarty), see at the end of the page.




  • Playwright : Walter Christmas


Announcement for first performance, two main roles and previous cast.
(Reykjavik, 6 april 1912, p. 54)

Review and severe critic of the play.
(Ísafold, 20 april 1912, p. 85-86)

It seems that the play was performed previously by Jens B. Waage (Sherlock Holmes) and Arni Eiríksson (Moriarty). See article below :

« Reykjavik Theatre is planning another Easter play "Sherlock Holmes," which was played here for several years by Mr. Jens Waage starring Sherlock Holmes himself, but now it will be played by Mr. Bjarni Björnsson. There will be also some other changes in the play. » - (Ingólfur, 6 april 1912, p. 55)

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