Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem (play 2018 with Braden Griffiths)

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Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem (2018)

Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem is a Canadian play, written by R. Hamilton Wright and directed by Mark Bellamy, performed at the Vertigo Theatre (Calgary, CA) from 12 may to 16 june 2018, starring Braden Griffiths as Sherlock Holmes and Curt McKinstry as Dr. Watson. 2h.

The year is 1887, the occasion is Queen Victoria's Jubilee, and American performer Anne Moses (a.k.a. Annie Oakley) needs the help of the World's Greatest Detective. But the simple case of a missing brother quickly leads to extraordinary inventions, robbery, and murder.


© Photos : Tim Nguyen.



  • Director : Mark Bellamy
  • Playwright : R. Hamilton Wright
  • Assistant Director : John Knight
  • Set & Lighting Designer : David Fraser
  • Costume Designer : Deitra Kalyn
  • Composer / Sound Designer : Andrew Blizzard
  • Fight Director : Laryssa Yanchak
  • Stage Manager : Ruby Dawn Eustaquio
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Catherine Rouleau