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Sherlock Holmes in the Great Murder Mystery

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About 800 feet (The Moving Picture World, 14 november 1908, p. 386)
Great Murder Mystery. Beautiful scenery and Elaborately Toned Throughout. (The Moving Picture World, 21 november 1908, p. 412)

Sherlock Holmes in the Great Murder Mystery is an American silent movie released on 27 november 1908, produced by Crescent Film Manufacturing Co. 800 feet. Black & White.

This is the movie with the first appearance of the Dr. Watson character.

Other titles:

  • Sherlock Holmes in the Great Mystery (USA)

Survival status: presumed lost.





The Moving Picture World, 28 november 1908, p. 434-435
  • The Moving Picture World, 28 november 1908, p.434-435

Sherlock Holmes in the Great Murder Mystery.

Our picture relates to a crime committed by a gorilla who escapes from his cage and through circumstantial evidence a young man whom we will call in our story Jim, is accused and is just about to be convicted when, through the aid of our hero, Sherlock Holmes, he is freed just in time.

Our picture opens with a girl and her sweetheart, who are sitting in her room discussing plans for their marriage. The message is brought from Jim, compelling him to leave at once.

Shipyard scene. — The Gorilla escapes from his cage on a vessel, with his master, the Captain, in hot pursuit. The frightened animal climbs a porch of this girl's house and into the window of her sitting room, and after a terrific struggle between her and the beast, he kills her before the Captain can prevent him. Captain immediately returns to the vessel with Gorilla and stays in hiding, fearing the consequences should anyone detect him.

Discovery of Crime. - Butler who returns to the sitting-room is horrified to discoverthe room in great disorder and his mistress murdered. He immediately notifies the police. Police arrive and, after questioning butler, they learn of sweetheart's visit, and accuse Jim of the crime.

Railroad Station. - Jim, who is unaware of what has happened, is about to board a train, when the police rush upon the scene and arrest him.

Sherlock Holmes's Study. — Sherlock Holmes is reading a book when his old friend and college chum Watson arrives. He has read of the crime in the paper, showing same to Holmes. Holmes, after reading details, decides to lend his aid in unravelling the crime.

Holmes at Work. — Arrival at girl's residence. Herein are shown methods employed by Holmes to secure evidence or clue to discover the culprit.

In his study. — Holmes returns to his study in deep thought, with his mind concentrating upon the crime. He is trying to unravel the mystery when he takes his old violin down from its peg and begins to play fantastic music which puts him in trance to solve the problem. Herein are shown remarkable visions of the different clues and theories of Holmes’ brain. The first vision is of Jim committing the awful crime, but vision fades away before crime is committed. Second vision is of a burglar; that also fades same as the first. Holmes, who has learned of the Gorilla being in port, lends his thought to this and the vision appears of Gorilla escaping from ship, climbing the porch of the house, and into the window and committing the crime that Jim is accused of. Holmes immediately jumps up with a start, and after numerous failures, discovers the ship, Gorilla and master, accusing same of the tragedy. He begs him to go to the court-house with him.

Court Room. — Poor Jim is convicted to be hanged, when our hero Holmes rushes in with sufficient evidence that frees Jim. This picture is beautifully executed and elaborately toned throughout. Photography and scenery unexcelled.