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Sir A. Conan Doyle. Spirit Messages from Earl Haig and Conrad

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Sir A. Conan Doyle. Spirit Messages from Earl Haig and Conrad is an article published in the Daily Mail on 10 september 1928, including a part of a speech by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sir A. Conan Doyle

Daily Mail (10 september 1928, p. 11)

Spirit Messages from Earl Haig and Conrad

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, at the Queen's Hall, Langham-place, W., last night related how he had received messages from Joseph Conrad and Earl Haig since their death. He showed some of his large collection of spirit photographs and lectured on various psychic researches which he had recently conducted.

He said that a medium of his acquaintance was continually getting on her photographs the likeness of a peculiarly strong-featured man which no one could recognise. He added :

They sent the photographs to me and I at once recognised that it was Joseph Conrad, the great novelist.
Some short time after I was at a séance and got a message from Conrad asking me to do something for him, so it really looked as if his spirit was uneasy and wanted to link up once again with this life.

Another of Sir Arthur's photographs showed the late Earl Haig's coffin, draped with a Union Jack, being borne on a gun carriage to his grave at his Scottish estate. Over the coffin ap-peared an indistinct portrait of the field marshal. Sir Arthur said:

That was not a photograph taken by a spiritualist but by a Press photographer. It is well known now that Earl Haig was a spiritualist, and within three days after his death he sent me a very long message.
His message contained evidence which only applied to his closest relatives, and it was for them to fudge how far it was true. They did not reply to my letter.