Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Cricket Tour: Galashiels

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Cricket Tour: Galashiels is a cricket result published in The Hawick Express on 24 june 1904.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won by 140 runs.


The Sportsman (24 june 1904, p. 3)

Sir A. Conan Doyle's team played their second match of the tour at Galashiels on Wednesday. The weather was bright when a start was made shortly before noon. Sir Arthur was successful in winning the toss, and opened the batting along with A. H. Wood, Henderson and Fairgrieve sharing the attack. With 10 runs on Wood gave a chance in slips which Henderson might have taken. The score mounted quickly, Wood doing most of the hitting. At 30 Ballantyne took over the ball from Henderson, who had been rather expensive. Without any addition to the score, Sir Arthur was disposed of with a brilliant single handed catch by Ballantyne in slips. Hearne filled the vacancy, and the scoring slowed down considerably. With the score at 49, Ballantyne found an opening in Hearne's defence and Geeson took his place. Fifty went up after an hour's play. With the score at 68 Elliot went on to bowl for Ballantyne. After lunch Henderson and Elliott resumed the attack. The sun shone out brightly, and the attendance was, largely augmented. The century was hoisted after an hour and a half's play. A double change in the bowling brought on Ballantyne and Dorward. Geeson had a life of Dormant's first ball, C. W. Brown failing to hold a hot one. Ballantyne, however, claimed the Leicestershire professional as his second victim with a well-pitched ball, the partnership having produced over 60 runs. Murrell joined Wood, who completed his half-century for the second time in the tour. Murrell did not stay long, being well taken by Gordon at mid-off. Captain Walker filled the vacancy, but he lost the partnership of Wood at 132, the retiring batsman having a well-played 58 to his credit. Captain Walker and H. Harris offered a stubborn resistance, and despite repeated changes in the bowling, took the score to 188 before Mercer bowled Harris. Two hundred was hoisted after three hours' batting. Anstruther and the Captain also made an excellent stand, and when 271 had been compiled the innings were declared closed. Mercer and Gordon opened for the home team, and made a good display, but none of the other batsmen did much and the ten wickets fell for a total of 131. Scores:—


  • Sir A. Conan Doyle, c Ballantyne, b Fairgrieve ... 10
  • A. H. Wood, c Fairgrieve, b Dorward ... 58
  • George Hearne, b Ballantyne ... 7
  • Geeson, b Ballantyne ... 38
  • Murrell, c Gordon, b Dorward ... 4
  • Captain Walker, not out ... 85
  • H. M. Harris, b Mercer ... 17
  • R. A. Anstruther, not out ... 35
  • Captain Forbes, Major Elliot, J. Hutsby did not bat.
  • Byes, 14; leg-byes, 2; wide, 1 ... 17
  • Total for 6 wkts (inns. closed) ... 271


  • J. Mercer, c Elliot, b Murrell ... 45
  • G. Gordon, st Wood, b Murrell ... 37
  • R. Henderson, st Wood, b Murrell ... 2
  • C. W. Brown, lbw b Geeson ... 9
  • W. Fairgrieve, c Forbes, b Geeson ... 9
  • J. K. Ballantyne, b Murrell ... 3
  • J. Grieve, c Wood, b Geeson ... 10
  • R. A. Anderson, b Murrell ... 0
  • J. M. Brown, st Wood, b Murrell ... 2
  • T. Elliot, c Elliot, b Murrell ... 0
  • A. Dorward, not out ... 1
  • Byes, 11; leg-byes, 2 ... 13
  • Total ... 131



O. M. R. W.
W. Fairgrieve 20 2 74 1
R. Henderson 11 0 48 0
J. K. Ballantyne 26 6 45 2
T. Elliott 6 1 11 0
A. Dorward 12.4 2 55 2
J. Mercer 6 3 9 1
G. Gordon 2 0 17 0

W. Fairgrieve bowled a wide.


O. M. R. W.
Hearne 11 2 32 0
Geeson 14 3 44 3
Forbes 5 0 24 0
Murrell 9 2 18 7