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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Cricket Tour: Selkirk

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Cricket Tour: Selkirk is a cricket result published in The Hawick Express on 24 june 1904.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won by 47 runs.


The Hawick Express (24 june 1904, p. 3)

Yesterday, the M.C.C. eleven met Selkirk at Philiphaugh. The start was delayed for an hour owing to rain, but thereafter the weather cleared and the match was played out in pleasant circumstances. The visitors batted first, Sir A. Conan Doyle and Wood starting to the bowling of Harvey and J. Grieve. The start was disastrous, Wood bring clean bowled by the first ball of the match by Harvey. A long stand was made by Sir Arthur and Hearne, the score reaching 60 ere Hearne was caught and bowled by W. Grieve, of which the retiring batsman had made 40. At lunch time the score had reached 83 for three wickets, Sir Arthur having 27 not out. A wonderful change came over the game after the interval, W. Grieve bowled in excellent fashion, and aided by fine fielding wickets fell rapidly. Whereas 83 were scored in the hour before lunch, lens than an hour afterwards sufficed to finish the innings for the comparatively small total of 122. W. Grieve, one of the youngest of the Selkirk players, came out with an excellent bowling analysis. Selkirk made a poor start, Dryden being caught at wickets off the first ball. With the exception of Robertson and Davidson, the others were easily disposed of, the only stand being made by Davidson and Meikle for the eighth wicket. The innings closed for 75, or 47 behind. Hearne and Geeson bowled throughout, the former proving the most deadly, having seven wickets for 29 runs, and the latter three for 36. The M.C.C. in their second innings had 144 for five wickets, the principal scores being Captain Walker 52 (not out), H. M. Harris 30, and Captain Eden 28. Scores:—


  • Sir A. Conan Doyle, b W. Grieve... 35
  • A. H. Wood, b Harvey ... 0
  • George Hearne, c and b W. Grieve ... 40
  • Murrell, b W. Grieve ... 14
  • Capt. Walker, c Robertson, b Harvey ... 0
  • R. A. Anstruther, run out ... 2
  • Geeson, b W. Grieve ... 12
  • C. W. Forbes, c G. Linton, b Harvey ... 2
  • Capt. Eden, c Douglas, b do. ... 2
  • H. M. Harris, not out ... 3
  • Major Elliot, c and b W. Grieve ... 4
  • Extras ... 7
  • Total ... 122


  • A. Dryden, c Murrell, b Hearne ... 0
  • W. Linton, st Murrell, b Geeson ... 3
  • G. Linton, b Hearne ... 8
  • W. Robertson, c Wood, b do. ... 20
  • J. Grieve, c Doyle, b Hearne ... 2
  • W. Grieve, b Geeson ... 0
  • J. Douglas, st Murrell, b Hearne ... 6
  • J. Davidson, not out ... 13
  • W. Anderson, b Hearne ... 0
  • Dr Meikle, c Wood, b do. ... 8
  • R. Harvey, b Geeson ... 5
  • Extras ... 10
  • Total ... 75