Sir Conan Doyle. Farewell Address

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Sir Conan Doyle. Farewell Address is an article written by a journalist of The Argus (Melbourne, Australia) on 31 january 1921.

Sir Conan Doyle

The Argus (31 january 1921)

Farewell Address.

SYDNEY Sunday. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle give a farewell address to-night, under the auspices of the Spiritualist Church at Enmore. Regarding the business side of his Australian tour, they were something, like £700 to the good, which would be devoted to the cause of spiritualism. He said:- "You cannot go through a great country arguing and fighting your way as we have done, without occasionally being rubbed the wrong way. Fair fighting is all right, but sometimes things happen which one does not feel to be quite in the game. If any such things have happened they have, so far as I am concerned, gone by the way. Of course, I must write my book, but I have no ill-will to anyone in this continent. My wife and I have had practically nothing but kindness, and will carry away most pleasing memories."