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Sussex Martlets v. Incogniti

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Sussex Martlets v. Incogniti is a cricket result published in Cricket; A Weekly Record of the Game on 27 july 1912.

Result was a draw.

Sussex Martlets v. Incogniti

In Sussex cricket several centuries were registered on Saturday. [..] The Martlets brought their two-day match with Incogniti to an indecisive close, mainly owing to the defensive tactics of Sir A. Conan Doyle, who batted over an hour for 15. The game realised 962 runs for 38 wickets; and in the course of it A. L. Corbett totalled 100, R. K. Simms 94, G. R. Murray 81, and F. G. Daubeney 68 for the Martlets, Kevil Davis 88, C. A. Browne 82, H. Hargraves 60, and G. F. McGrath 54 for Incogniti.