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The $5,000,000 Counterfeiting Plot

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Ad in The Motion Picture News (22 august 1914)

The $5,000,000 Counterfeiting Plot is an American silent movie written by George G. Nathan, directed by Bertram Harrison and produced by Dramascope Company, first released on 10 august 1914 (New York) until 1915 starring William J. Burns as himself. 6 reels (600 scenes).

Arthur Conan Doyle appeared in the final scene in some posed pictures (photos) with Mr. Burns.

The plot was known in the history of the United States Secret Service as the "Great Philadelphia-Lancaster Counterfeiting Mystery". William J. Burns (1861-1932) was an American private detective known as the "America's Sherlock Holmes".

Scenes have been taken at Treasury Department, Washington DC, Moyamensing Prison, Philadelphia, Lancaster and New York.



Announcement of opening (New York Tribune, 5 august 1914)
  • William J. Burns : William J. Burns himself
  • John Walton : Glen White
  • Joseph Fennell : Joseph Sullivan
  • William Kendall : Clifford P. Saum
  • Edward Jackson : Hector Dion
  • Frank Tyler : John Sharkey
  • Arthur Borden : William Cavanaugh
  • James Long : Charles E. Graham
  • George Peters : Harry Lillford
  • Robert Smith : James Ayling
  • John Knox : John Ransom
  • Charles Carruthers : Arthur Morrison
  • William Myers : Frank Carrington
  • Samuel Parks : Harry Driscoll
  • Chief of the Secret Service : Jack Drumier
  • Warden of Moyamensing : Howard Missimer
  • Peter Miller : Edward Walton
  • Stephen Tracy : Ezra Walck
  • Florence Castle : Georgia O'Ramie
  • Helen Long : Jean Acker
  • Mary Kelly : Eileen Hume

  • Director : Bertram Harrison
  • Screenplay : George G. Nathan