The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence (play 2016 with Levi Kohlmann)

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The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence (2015)

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence is an American play written by Madeleine George, directed by Dan Burkey, performed by the Studio Players of the Sheboygan Theatre Company at the Paradigm Annex Theatre (Sheboygan, WI, USA) from 30 june to 2 july 2016 (3 performances) [1], starring Levi Kohlmann as Dr. Watson. 2h25.

Levi Kohlmann played 4 Watsons (Dr. John H. Watson dressed as Sherlock Holmes ; IBM's computer named Watson ; Thomas A. Watson, Alexander G. Bell's assistant ; and Watson, an IT guy). There is no Sherlock Holmes character in the play.



  • Director : Dan Burkey
  • Playwright : Madeleine George
  • Scenic Painting : Mary Whitehurst Burkey
  • Props and Costumes : Danielle Dyksterhouse
  • Lights and Sound Operator : Shari Roehl

  1. The play was originally scheduled for march, but have been postponed to 30 june - 2 july 2016.