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The Case of the Baker Street Bachelors

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The Case of the Baker Street Bachelor (1955)

The Case of the Baker Street Bachelor is the 33th episode of the 1954-1955 TV series Sherlock Holmes starring Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes and Howard Marion-Crawford as Dr. Watson. Aired on 20 june 1955 on MPTV (USA). Black & White. 27 min.

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  • Director : Steve Previn
  • Producer : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Associate Producer : Nicole Milinaire
  • Screenplay : Roger E. Garris, Joseph Victor
  • Cinematography : Raymond Clunie
  • Production Manager : Sacha Kamenka
  • Film Editor : George Gale
  • Music : Paul Durand
  • Set Designer : Raymond Druart
  • Sound Equipment : Poste Parisien
  • Engineer : René Longuet

Plot summary

Jeffery Bourne, a politician is blackmailed after having registered at the marriage agency "Cupid's Bow Marriage Bureau". His political future is compromised, he decides to consult Sherlock Holmes. The detective and Watson travel to the agency and investigate. They both act as single looking for their future wife. Holmes drew the attention of the Machiavellian manager, Mr. Oliver, when he claims to be rich and heir of a wealthy and very elderly aunt. The director makes no difficulty to introduce them two young women. Holmes and Watson invite the ladies in a restaurant but soon find themselves involved in a violent brawl. The police arrests everyone and Holmes is imprisoned by Inspector Mason. Watson decides to continue the investigation and travels by night to the agency to inspect the office. Lestrade joins him. Following Holmes' advice, they find some incriminating papers hidden behind a picture. But at the same time they are surprised by the director and his armed accomplices. Fortunately, Holmes had convinced Mason to go also to the agency to lend a hand to Watson and Lestrade. The gang is quickly neutralized by Scotland Yard. But Holmes is still in jail for trouble in a public place.


  • France : On arrête Sherlock Holmes
  • Germany : Die Junggesellen