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The Case of the Dixon Torpedo

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The Case of the Dixon Torpedo is the 8th episode in season 1 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 8 november 1971. 50 min.

Originally, "The Case of the Dixon Torpedo" was written in 1894 by Arthur Morrison featuring Martin Hewitt as the investigator. However Hewitt didn’t feature in this adaptation, instead a new detective (Jonathan Pryde) was created.

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Plot summary

Petty crime and international espionage intertwine when the Russian embassy hires Jonathan Pryde to do one job and his own government hires him for another. The private investigator discovers that the two cases-a money-counterfeiting operation and the theft of plans for a Royal Navy torpedo-are linked.


  • Jonathan Pryde : Ronald Hines
  • Dixon : Derek Francis
  • Jenny Pryde : Jacqueline Pearce
  • Roberts : James Bolam
  • Hunter : Cyril Shaps
  • Ivanov : Michael Poole
  • Prince Oblonsky : Raf de la Torre
  • Winfield : Bill Wallis
  • Gillow : David King
  • RN Captain Harris : Paul Williamson
  • Maggie : Madeleine Mills
  • William : Jonathan Collins

  • Director : Jim Goddard
  • Screenplay : Stuart Hood
  • Producers : Jonathan Alwyn, Lloyd Shirley
  • Music : Robert Sharples