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The Case of the Imposter Mystery

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The Case of the Imposter Mystery (1955)

The Case of the Imposter Mystery is the 29th episode of the 1954-1955 TV series Sherlock Holmes starring Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes and Howard Marion-Crawford as Dr. Watson. Aired on 16 may 1955 on MPTV (USA). Black & White. 27 min.

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  • Constable Hennesie : Richard Watson
  • (Watson as) Maharadjah's servant
  • Alfred
  • Imposter's accomplice
  • Officer Clayborn


  • Director : Steve Previn
  • Producer : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Associate Producer : Nicole Milinaire
  • Screenplay : Joe Morhaim
  • Cinematography : Raymond Clunie
  • Production Manager : Sacha Kamenka
  • Film Editor : George Gale
  • Music : Paul Durand
  • Set Designer : Raymond Druart
  • Sound Equipment : Poste Parisien
  • Engineer : Tony Leenhardt

Plot summary

Sherlock Holmes is blamed for faulty services which he didn't actually offer. To catch the imposter, Holmes and Dr. Watson go undercover as maharajah's seeking security. Thanks to the trick, Holmes, Lestrade and his men chase, expose and arrest the imposter.


  • France : L'Imposteur