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The Case of the Reluctant Carpenter

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The Case of the Reluctant Carpenter (1955)

The Case of the Reluctant Carpenter is the 21th episode of the 1954-1955 TV series Sherlock Holmes starring Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes and Howard Marion-Crawford as Dr. Watson. Aired on 7 march 1955 on MPTV (USA). Black & White. 27 min.

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  • Constable
  • Police laboratory man
  • Army Barracks guard
  • Carpenter #2
  • Carpenter #3


  • Director : Steve Previn
  • Producer : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Associate Producer : Nicole Milinaire
  • Screenplay : Sydney Morse
  • Cinematography : Raymond Clunie
  • Production Manager : Sacha Kamenka
  • Film Editor : George Gale
  • Music : Paul Durand
  • Set Designer : Raymond Druart
  • Sound Equipment : Poste Parisien
  • Engineer : Tony Leenhardt

Plot summary

An arsonist/blackmailer, mistaking Lestrade for Holmes, threatens to continue a series of bombings unless he is paid thousands in extortion money. Using crude forensics, Holmes learns the site of the next bombing and removes the bomb from the Knightsbridge armoury with seconds to spare.


  • France : Incendies à Londres