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The Case of the Singing Violin

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The Case of the Singing Violin (1955)

The Case of the Singing Violin is the 15th episode of the 1954-1955 TV series Sherlock Holmes starring Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes and Howard Marion-Crawford as Dr. Watson. Aired on 24 january 1955 on MPTV (USA). Black & White. 27 min.

The general scheme of the plot is adapted from the Conan Doyle short story The Adventure of the Speckled Band (1892).

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  • Sergeant Wilkins : K. Richard Larke
  • James Wynand
  • Mrs. Ferguson
  • Constable
  • Cab Driver
  • Dr. Moreno
  • Medical Assistant


  • Director : Steve Previn
  • Producer : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Associate Producer : Nicole Milinaire
  • Screenplay : Kay Krausse
  • Cinematography : Raymond Clunie
  • Production Manager : Sacha Kamenka
  • Film Editor : George Gale
  • Music : Paul Durand
  • Set Designer : Raymond Druart
  • Sound Equipment : Poste Parisien
  • Engineer : Tony Leenhardt

Plot summary

Guy Durham, a rich tea and spice merchant, frightens his step-daughter Betty with ghostly violin music so that she can be declared insane and he can acquire her fortune. Holmes intervenes to prevent her murder and Lestrade arrests Guy Durham, who also murdered the girl's fiancé, James Wynand.


  • France : Le Violon hanté
  • Germany : Der Fall der singenden Violine