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The Crucifer of Blood (play 1982 with Gregory Salata)

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The Crucifer of Blood is an American play written by Paul Giovanni and directed by Ted Weiant, performed at the Stage West (Springfield, MA, USA) from 21 october - 13 november 1982, starring Gregory Salata as Sherlock Holmes and John Doolittle as Dr. Watson.

The play is an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel : The Sign of Four (1890).




  • Director : Ted Weiant
  • Playwright : Paul Giovanni
  • Producing Director : Stephen E. Hays
  • Director : Ted Weiant
  • Costume Designer : John Carver Sullivan
  • Set Designer : Patricia Woodbridge
  • Lighting Designer : Ned Hallick
  • Sound Designer : Paul J. Horton
  • Production Manager : Ken Denison
  • Production Stage Manager : Kaz J. Reed
  • Fight Consultant : John Doolittle